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Tour de Non

Val di Non

A unexplored territory

Outside the main tourist circuits, val di non has preserved its natural characteristics, customs and habits of a population that in the upper part of the valley meets the history and culture of alto adige.

The tour de non is the new mtb route in val di non, a land of apple orchards and castles, surrounded by the brenta dolomites and maddalene, ideal for mtb excursions thanks to the alternation of wide plateaus, narrow rock canyons and scenic passes.

Tour de Non

The 4 stages

Route description

The tour de non has been designed with the contribution of the val di non and sole off road cycling school along with the valuable advice of traian grigorian and other german tour testers. The tour includes a ring circuit divided into four stages: 154 km long, elevation gain 6,005 meters and 24% single trails.

The route presents technically interesting and unique passages for mtb, because it is not designed on the basis of typical cycle tourism infrastructures. In fact, the enthusiasts will find themselves surrounded by the most authentic and wildest nature of the val di non.

Days with 2000 meters of elevation gain and difficult stretches in which the mountain bike should be carried by hand make the tour de non accessible to properly trained and experienced bikers. Furthermore, suitable materials, protections and full suspended mtb are required.



35,5 Km

Track length


Technical difficulty

Cles – Senale

The first stage of the tour de non starts in cles, the heart of val di non and leads to the maddalene group, on the border with val d’ultimo, the meeting point of the trentino and alto adige culture.

The environments that you meet during the journey are very different from each other, large plateaus, apple orchards, pastures, and even thick woods. Despite the considerable climb to the highest point (monte ori 1800 m), it is a technically easy stage.

The paths are well accessible and you need to push the bike only for short stretches, due to mud and roots. Finally, through a single trail you reach the village of senale, where you can visit the splendid sanctuary.



38,8 Km

Track length


Technical difficulty

Senale – Malga di Romeno

The second stage of the tour de non will literally keep you breathless, with a high altitude trip along the passo palade and passo mendola until you cross the path of the legendary transalp, one of the most fascinating mtb races in the world.

The climbs are demanding, the ground is difficult and the trails are not very visible, so a good sense of direction would be useful.

The path from senale, through the palade pass, crosses the coastline of the mendola, characterized by rocky and steep walls that force in some points to get off the saddle.

The effort is however worth it thanks to breathtaking views that open along the cliffs, lakes, woods and a strong feeling of deep immersion in nature.

Finally, through the single trails “cresta del macaion” and “sentiero dei siori”, a taste of real alpencross, you reach the malga di romeno where you can enjoy a meal and a good glass of wine.



42,9 Km

Track length


Technical difficulty

Malga di Romeno – Sporminore

Through the third stage of the tour de non you reach the monte roen, an extraordinary vantage point on the adige valley, from which a single trail leads to the passo della predaia.

Then again another single trail, the famous fun descent called amedeo super flow, leads from the sores refuge to vervò, to finally let you experience the majestic medieval structure of castel thun.

The most exciting part of the stage is represented by the 15 km of descent with 2000 m of elevation gain, from the isolated top of the mountains, among the clouds, until reaching an ancient medieval village.

The third stage also crosses the transalp tour, precisely at the Grauner Joch level.



27,4 Km

Track length


Technical difficulty

Sporminore – Cles

The fourth stage of the tour de non connects to the famous ring of the dolomiti brenta bike. You can finally relax among the expanses of apple orchards, wide valley floors and open spaces. It’s a cross country route with moderate technical difficulty that only requires a good physical resistance.

You are almost at the end of this four-day ring route through the val di non, for those who want to complete in sweetness just follow the path of the dolomiti brenta bike, but for those who still have some energy left there is a last and tiring climb of 1000 m of elevation gain towards monte corno through the single trail genzianella. Both routes will take you happily to cles.

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Casa redolfi b&b is located in cles, point of departure and arrival of the tour de non. With the dolomiti express train (connected to the national railway) the bike transport service is available.

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